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Training for everyday athletes

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Intense, full body workouts condensed into 45 minutes every weekday morning. Using a combination of bodyweight and strength training with cardio, you’ll become leaner, stronger, more flexible and re-learn to move your body just as you did when younger. This package includes the BoxFit programme. Highly personalised group training, monthly assessments and general nutrition coaching ensure constant progress towards your fitness and nutrition goals. Contact me to arrange a free try-out session. What are you waiting for?


A personalised cross-training, strength or body-building programme in a private gym in Duynefontein fully supervised by a personal trainer. Fixed training appointments ensure accountability in order to reach those fitness goals. Additional nutrition coaching from a certified Precision Nutrition coach and it’s online system will help you develop long-term and sustainable healthy nutrition habits that will help you lose body fat and keep it off. Contact me to arrange a free body assessment and needs consultation.


High intensity boxing skills and cardio drills programme, three classes a week. BoxFit is suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced and is coached by a retired heavyweight fighter. BoxFit it a fun and safe environment with no full contact fighting. Wraps and gloves are not essential to start but we can source them for you if needed. This is a standalone programme with classes at 05:15 Tuesday and Thursday and 07:00 Saturday. Contact me to arrange a free try-out session.


If you’ve tried all the various diets or can’t understand why what works for someone else doesn’t work for you, you’ve probably realised that a “one size fits all” strategy can have severe and discouraging limitations. If you want to lose body fat safely and keep it off permanently, as a certified Precision Nutrition coach I will show you how the best nutrition plan to follow is the one that’s best for you, whatever your eating preference (low carb, high protein etc) and personal challenges are.

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Instead of opting for a quick fix to slimming down I found a great new lifestyle where exercise is now a daily part of my routine that I cannot go without!

Carlin L

The attention and care you have given to me and which you give to all that attend makes Active Life a very special place and one that I do want to share with as many people as possible!

Leslie S

I am stronger, better toned and more flexible, I have a better physical and emotional balance and most importantly, working out has become fun.

Michelle B

The results I’ve achieved have been phenomenal… I feel great, I look better, everyone compliments me on it, and I’m generally a happier person.

James S

It's more fun in a group!

All the energy, friendship, motivation and fun of a group with all the benefits and accountability of a personal trainer.

Once you’ve signed up and started, if you don’t think my programme has helped you lose body fat, put on lean muscle or improved your fitness levels, I will refund you. Simple as that.


  • Add R100 per month to include Precision Nutrition coaching
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Semi-Private Personal Training

  • for 8 sessions (12 sessions for R797) includes Precision Nutrition coaching
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Nutrition Coach

  • Online only. With optional workouts if required.
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Unlimited Group Training and BoxFit

Semi-private Personal Training

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals, send me a contact request or call me. If I can’t answer your call I will return it as soon as I’m free.

Cell: 083 294 4446

Morning Unlimited Group Training and BoxFit: Parklands Centre, Link Road, Parklands (in the Gracie Jiu Jitsu unit)
Evening Semi-private Personal Training: Duynefontein

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Burgess Patterson

Burgess Patterson

Having been into fitness and nutrition for years, Burgess turned his passion into a career and offers clients general functional fitness in a group setting or more specialised personal training for bodybuilding or strength training. As a certified Precision Nutrition coach, Burgess offers a complete fitness and nutrition coaching service to all clients. Trail running and Olympic weightlifting keep Burgess busy when not working with clients.

Andrew MacPherson

Andrew MacPherson

As a retired heavyweight K-1 Fighter, Andrew has coached clients of all ages and abilities in a variety of fighting disciplines. As the BoxFit coach, he offers a highly personalised experience for all group classes and can offer one-on-one private coaching for anyone wanting to refine or take their fighting skills to the next level. Andrew enjoys running and strength training to keep himself fit.

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training for everyday athletes